OpenVBX Dialer Prospecting System

ATTENTION: Do you want new clients by tomorrow? I can guarantee very warm leads CALLING YOU in the next 24-48 hours.

If you need nice warm leads without cold calling or emailing, please pay attention. With a couple minor tweaks, OpenVBX becomes a powerful phone voicemail blaster that can generate phone calls for your offline consulting services within hours, on demand.

Using  OpenVBX and a few free plugins (slightly modified), I was able to generate almost 50 incoming calls and 8 voicemails in a single day with just a couple hours of work.

Basically, here’s how it works.

  • Create an account at and add some funds to get started.
  • Install OpenVBX
  • Install plugins
  • Create an outbound call flow
  • Create the related inbound call flow
  • Assign a phone number to the inbound flow
  • Blast out the calls
  • Respond to requests from prospects

Another important piece when working this system, is to select a niche and study it a bit. I suggest picking a niche that has set hours of operation. I do this because I want to leave a voicemail when they are closed.

Why a voicemail?

Generally, a voicemail is listened to and even notes taken, like the name and phone number. The gatekeeper, if there is one, is forced to write down your info and decide what to do with it. Many times, this means it’s passed to the owner for a return call, depending on the message you leave.

Here’s a message I might leave a prospect.

“Hello, this is Joe Smith. I noticed something on your Facebook page and have a question for you. Please call me at 888-555-1212.”

Notice how it’s vague but generates some curiosity.

Here’s another one. “Hi, this is Joe Smith. I have a question about your video online. Please call me at…”.

You can try various versions, like “I have a question about your appointments” or “I saw a problem on your facebook page and need to talk to you”, etc.

Now, these messages should relate to a FREE service you’d like to offer them. Facebook is a good place to start because almost everyone has a facebook page, and if they don’t, the should. There’s plenty of things you can do to help on their facebook page. Depending on the services your offer, I’m sure you can come up with something.

In my testing, I’ve found that it’s usually the owner that calls back. When they do, they will here another greeting, just with a little bit more info. For example, if your initial voicemail said something about their facebook page, you might expand a little but still not a lot of detail. Details will confuse and discourage them. You want to lead them just another step down the trail and leave you a voicemail. So, you’d say something like “Thanks for calling. I called because I’d like to offer you a free facebook app in exchange for your honest feedback. There’s no cost to you at all. I’m limited to just a few businesses in the area, so please leave your name and number and I’ll get back to you.”

Personally, my campaign was about doing a free video and a good number of them were interested.

Once you have your niche and system set up, you’ll want to send the blast at a time when stores are typically closed, but not in the middle of the night. Maybe early morning, like 7am or later in the evening at about 10 or 11 pm.  Sometime business numbers will ring through to a cell phone, and you don’t want to call at 4am. It’s a bad way to generate a prospect!

With this OpenVBX Dialer Prospecting System (sorry, no fancy name), you get the following.

  • 10+ Videos: Multiple videos covering installing and setting up OpenVBX, installing the needed plugins, how to set up the outbound and inbound call flows, and more
  • Video: How to scrape phone numbers from
  • Customized plugins download. These plugins are free but have been modified slightly to allow for voice blasts
  • Simple javascript to scrape phone numbers from
A note to non-US countries. This system should work anywhere Twilio phone numbers are available. Check for pricing and availability of numbers in your country.

Only $25

 The WSO is here.